Zita healthy is looking to fill volunteer positions for fundraising drive.
Our mission is to raise $2million in three months to build a maternity hospital in Nigeria.
If you’re
  • Passionate about helping the less fortunate
  • Great with people
  • Looking to gather some fundraising experience
  • Interested in working with the dynamic team behind the NGO, Zita healthy.
Then reach out to us at zitahealthy@gmail.com

Vocation Promotion


Are you a Catholic Christian woman with the zeal to serve God’s people in a special manner as Sr. Ilia Delio describes it, “I have come to realize that the road to God does not lie in stability but in creativity, and the forms of religious life that can renew creative centers, both personally and collectively, will be the communities that grow in the future”?
The Global Sisters of Mary identifies with this reality and we invite you to explore this exciting journey with us. Please, feel free to contact us at;
Globalsistersm@gmail.com or 412-926-6662.