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Maternal mortality in Nigeria is among the highest in the world, largely due to unavailability and inadequacy of health care services.

We seek to reduce maternal mortality rates and foster the body, mind, and spirit of all Nigerian mothers.

The United States of America spends millions of dollars in healthcare every year but, the Nigeria records the highest infant mortality among the developed countries in the world.

Zita’s Healthy Beginnings is working to close this gap through advocacy, education, and training of Doulas who accompany women during pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum.

ZHB holds World of Women podcast live every Tuesday at 8:00pm Eastern Standard Time to educate and support women.

Zita welcomes you on Video

ZHB holds World of Women podcast live every Tuesday at 8:00pm Eastern Standard Time to educate and support women.

Letter From The Founder

My name is Sister Zita Iwuoha. I was born and raised in Nigeria. I am a nurse and a midwife with over twenty years of experience.


Come and view our gallery of images from our school and events that we have had.

Our Mission

The organization seeks to reduce Maternal and Infant mortality by providing access to fertility education, training of community health workers, prenatal care and safe delivery to all mothers.

Board Members

Our board members have a very diverse background in both the United States and Nigeria.Come and learn who they are


Zita Healthy is looking to fill volunteer positions for fundraising drive. Our mission is to raise $2million in three months to build a maternity hospital in Nigeria.

How You Can Get Involved

Call (412) 926-6662 to Donate Or Contact Us to get Involved

The Free Annual Medical Clinic in Nigeria

Our Story

When I was seven years old, my mother shared her ordeal with me, I admired her courage, resilience, and sacrifice, all done to save my life, and I said to her that I would travel the world and take care of women and children whenever I grew up.

After my secondary school education, I struggled with choosing a career part, but one thing that was clear in my mind was the plan to travel the world and provide care to women and children.

I finally decided to become a nurse and a midwife, knowing that these caring professions pointed to what my heart desired. I completed Nursing and Midwifery education in Nigeria.

I worked in Nigeria for a few years after becoming a missionary Sister and have traveled to many parts of the world to provide care to the different populations, especially women and children, for almost 29 years.

In 2015, I worked for the Allegheny health department as a family Nurse partnership RN and home visiting. I worked for four years in this capacity, and I experienced a lot of maternal and child health disparities. I recognized the problems women encounter in accessing health care during pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum, and I wondered how to help.

 In February 2016, I founded a nonprofit organization called Zita’s Healthy Beginning. This organization aims to reduce maternal and infant mortality in Western Pennsylvania and Nigeria, where maternal and infant mortality is high. We accomplish this through education, training of Doulas, and advocacy. Zita’s Healthy Beginnings conducts annual free clinic in Nigeria. We have secured a piece of land to build a standard maternity hospital (Birthing Place) where women can access care during pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum.

When I reflect on my life journey, I can say that God has positioned me to use my life story, experiences, and skills to provide care to families, especially women and children. I see this call as my mission, passion, and purpose.

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Zita’s Healthy Beginnings

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Zita's Healthy Beginnings

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