Community Hope Farm

Thank you for your prayers and support for our organization, Zita’s Healthy Beginnings.

I am pleased to introduce the manager of our farm called Community Hope Farm for Zita’s Healthy Beginnings.

His name is Joseph Affoh.

Joseph joined the farm a few months ago and demonstrated exemplary leadership and talents in managing the farm.

He trains workers and supervises the land and the crops.

Joseph has various certificates in food and agriculture and loves to make a change in Nigeria by teaching young people how to be self-reliant and productive.

He has his own company known as Firm Vine Allied company.

He is a speaker and an author of several books.

This farm was started in October 2021 by the generous donation of one of my friends in the United States.

Some community members donated these five acres of land for organic farming to sustain women and their families.

Presently, three full-time employees are working on the farm, and one of my cousins visits the location from the city periodically.

Joseph also sees the farm once every month and spends some days inspecting the crops, supervising the workers, and writing monthly reports.

The crops growing on the farm include bananas, plantains, vegetables, and peppers.

The farm will produce different crops all year round and be able to provide food to the community.

We hope that when funding is available, the farm will expand and support the community in many other ways, such as providing employment opportunities for young people, a training center for organic farming, and a food processing location in the area.

Here are some of the photos from the farm.

Thank you for your ongoing support.

Together we can make a difference and rid our world of hunger and poverty one nation at a time.


Community Hope Farm

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Community Hope Farm
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Community Hope Farm
I am pleased to introduce the manager of our farm called Community Hope Farm for Zita’s Healthy Beginnings in Nigeria, Africa.
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