Conference on Our Sisters in Africa and USA

On Saturday, April 13, 2019. Zita’s Healthy Beginnings had an event called “Our Sisters in Africa and the USA experiencing difficulty with childbirth. How can you help.”

This event took place in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and a few dignitaries attended the event and addressed some of Pittsburgh’s maternal and infant health issues.

Among the speakers was Dr. Betty Braxter, a professor at the University of Pittsburgh School of Nursing.

The latter delivered a presentation on maternal and infant mortality issues in the State of Pennsylvania and the USA.

She also pointed out some legislative initiatives and other programs providing advocacy and resources to support maternal and child care.

She lamented the need to close the health care disparity gap in so many counties in the State, especially among the minority black population.

Dr. Betty Braxter Speaking

From the University of Pittsburgh Professor of Public Health Practice, Dr. Noble A-W Maseru, presented a talk on the maternal and child health programs he championed in another State, which increased health outcomes for the vulnerable and the marginalized women.

Dr. Maseru highly recommended a similar program in Allegheny County.

His department contributed financially to the event, and other financial contributions came from the Jewish women’s program in Pittsburgh and a few individual donors.

Dr. Noble Maseru Speaking

Dr. Margaret Larkins Pettigrew, OBGYN from Ohio, was the guest speaker at the event.

She came with a lot of experience in women’s health, and she shared her international experiences of delivering babies and managing pregnant women with complex obstetric outcomes.

Dr. Pettigrew identified similar challenges among the black women who go through pregnancy without appropriate prenatal care in many states in the United States of America and eventually end up with the worst health outcomes.

She also challenged the status quo on the need for access to healthcare for women in the County, State, and the Country.

The event concluded with a discussion panel comprising doctors, Nurses, Doulas, and public health representatives from all walks of life and different parts of the Country, deliberating on how best to channel a health care system that prioritizes women’s health and children around the world.

Dr. Margaret Larkins Pettigrew Speaking

There were times for questions during which the audience expressed a deep sense of gratitude to Zita’s Healthy Beginnings presence in Pittsburgh and their work to reduce maternal and infant mortality rates.

Zita’s Healthy Beginnings serves in Africa, particularly Nigeria, where maternal and infant mortality is high.

We accomplish this mission through education, advocacy, training of community health workers, Doulas, and training the community on how to practice organic agriculture to support their families.

The nonprofit organization depends on individual donations to carry out the mission, and we are happy to those who have supported our cause.


Conference on Our Sisters in Africa and USA

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Conference on Our Sisters in Africa and USA
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Conference on Our Sisters in Africa and USA
Zita's Healthy Beginnings had an event called "Our Sisters in Africa and the USA experiencing difficulty with childbirth. How can you help."
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